September 20, 2008

"You break it you buy it. No say sorry."

From a sign I saw once in a store in Chinatown, NYC.

Since when did it become ok to hand people items that have been in your child's mouth? Seriously. You may not mind having little Johnny's slobber all over you. I, however, have a problem with it. Note to self: Invest in a large bottle of hand sanitizer.

I am fast coming to the conclusion that most people are either extremely greedy, complete morons, or a little bit of both. Do you have any idea how crazy people are over coupons? Just how seriously they take them? Just to what lengths people will go to thwart coupons rules? To save a mere forty cents? If I tried to explain it, you wouldn't even believe me.

There is also a serious problem when you struggle not to vomit over customers. Not once, but twice this week, I was in the danger zone; gagging and using all of my strength not to puke. I don't know how much smoking and how few showers cause people to smell like that, I really don't.

Second note to self: Find a way to get out of retail after the new year.


Iris said...

You should read The Angry Pharmacist. He is absolutely hilarious when it comes to talking about his daily customers. Yeah, he can be a little harsh at times but, hey, who hasn't slightly felt that way from time to time. To me, it's still really funny. I think if you've had a bad day with customers, he ought to do the trick to get'cha laughing again.

Anonymous said...

Oh the joys of retail and the tis the season to be jolly is coming around the corner...

Oh yuck about the smoking, lack of showers, and kid slobber.