June 12, 2008

My moo cards came today!

For those of you who don't know what moo mini cards are, you should check out the link. They are little mini business card type things. The cool part, though, is that they will print high-quality photos on the front of them. I have seen pictures of other moo cards artists have made and I really like them. They have pics of my art on the front and all my contact info on the back. Usually when I tell people I am an artist they ask what type of work I do. And most people are kind of in the dark about what, exactly, mixed media art is. Plus I feel like my art can be kind of hard to explain. So now I can just whip out my mini cards and show them!

I chose ten different paintings to use. You get 100 cards so I got ten of each one. The photos get cropped, but you get to choose the position of the crop, and still I think people will be able to get a good idea of what I do. When they say mini cards, they really mean mini! They were a lot smaller than I had even expected. But something people will remember, I think. The cards are kind of expensive at $19.99 for 100. Especially when you consider you can get business cards made at vistaprint for free. I really like how unique they are, though!

I figure I can start including them in swaps and send them to my pen pals and things like that. And hand them out to people I meet. Just to get the word out about my art a little bit more. I will probably end up having to order more soon because I suspect I will run through them quicker than I originally thought.


Anonymous said...

this is fantastic news. i think its a wonderful idea by placing them with your swaps and with your penpal info. get your name out there, julie. its the way to go. i am so very happy for you. and very proud. :)

jennifer said...

This is great, I am always looking for new and unique ways to advertise! wonderful marketing idea. I know what you mean about Vista print, I love them too... but this seems worthy!
btw, I am checking out your art and etsy,,, I reallly like your work!

Tizzalicious said...

They turned out so cute, I really should make some moo cards myself!